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music author wanna do a song or two for my movie?

2010-04-27 13:23:32 by SeNtoX

Hi. i am currently making a sci-fi movie called "hell on planet X" and i really want someone who can make sort of militaristic music with snare drums and this really really epic sound, give me a word if you find this interesting.


music author wanna do a song or two for my movie?


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2010-04-27 16:18:59

Can't do music.
However, this movie sounds like it'll be good.

SeNtoX responds:

thank you.
i can tell you that it will be alot better that anything i've done earlier.


2010-04-27 19:09:57 n/227437
will this do? it's not really war related or something like that, but it does sound like going off to war a little bit.

SeNtoX responds:

pretty cool song. thanks for the comment, il lcontact ya if i decide to use it


2010-06-29 02:07:24

dude that pic looks, awsome. looks like the futer D-day XD

SeNtoX responds:

thank you.=P


2012-01-14 09:44:17

I can't wait for you to continue this flash!

SeNtoX responds:



2014-10-29 02:35:54

Hey Kris! loooong time no speak!
Cant believe its been years since we talked, as a coincidence I stopped animating and took the musician path in life, so perhaps I could help you out a bit.

I could conjure up a theme track for Hell on Planet sex-I mean X! with some nutt busting guitar riffs and what not ;)

SeNtoX responds:

it sounds really good actually! :) but i havent been animating in years :P


2014-10-29 02:37:06

And I just realized this post is going on near 5 years old >.< anyway offers there if you're still doing the series

SeNtoX responds:

hehe thanks james:_)


2015-04-25 14:00:00