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Hi. i am currently making a sci-fi movie called "hell on planet X" and i really want someone who can make sort of militaristic music with snare drums and this really really epic sound, give me a word if you find this interesting.


music author wanna do a song or two for my movie?

new movie in the works

2009-05-21 10:02:21 by SeNtoX

i'm making a new "Hell on Planet X" movie, i've started the serie all over with a new story and diffrent graphics and views.

heres a picture

enjoy :D

comments apreciated! ^^

new movie in the works

new movie out

2009-05-17 17:53:42 by SeNtoX

i've sumited a new movie check it out :D
hope you'll enjoy it

new news post

2009-03-18 13:58:55 by SeNtoX

Yeah, well, hi, im just gonna be brief, code 664 is over half way done,

i got som cool voice actors for it, its gonna be great,
and tomorrow im going to an army camp so that they can see if im fit for duty and such.
which is mandatory over here.

and heres a picture.

new news post

some news

2009-02-21 11:54:43 by SeNtoX

okay dudes and dudettes, i got some news, my Code664 movie is over half done and i have started a new "Hell on Planet X" series with shadow-kamikaze aka James, diffrent points of view and setting and such, and its more explained.

And my winter break is soon over -.- argh!

Well here's a pic from code 664.

And feel free to watch my other movies down in the submissions.

some news


2009-01-28 07:43:37 by SeNtoX

i just had birthday, anyway, my movie Code 664 is soon done ^^

take a look at my other movies.

voice actorz

2008-11-02 09:05:13 by SeNtoX

hey, im looking for voice actors, if you're interested, leave a comment ^^

Code 664

2008-11-01 19:26:21 by SeNtoX

This is one of my upcoming movies, called "Code 664", its a better version of "Code 553"
with a diffrent story and layout, so its something to look forward to.

here's a pic

Code 664

operation find and clear

2008-06-08 19:37:36 by SeNtoX

heres a picture i made a couple of days ago, i thought i might post it on here to see what you guys thought, you find more at

operation find and clear

hell on planet x 5 annhiliation

2008-04-22 11:27:26 by SeNtoX

Hell on planet x number 5 in the series is soon done, i have done about 3 / 5 of the movie
im currently updating the graphics to even more better, so with the movement also,

you get more information and pictures at its also
some teaser previews there.

below its a picture taken out of the movie, with how the graphics look, and enviroment and aliens and weapons and uniforms, faces and more

hell on planet x 5 annhiliation